About Us

About Us

Our story is of Father and Son sharing time together. How using each other’s strengths create something neither of us could have created individually. 

I’m Tom Krueger and my Dad Gene Krueger and I have spent many years working together.  

We’re from the Philadelphia area. Here’s us hanging out in North East Philadelphia in 1966.

Gene was always an entrepreneur and started a company in 1965. I joined his business full-time out of art school in the early 80's, took on the roles of learning all aspects of business and helped manage the company with him for over 35 years. 

Gene was always building furniture and when he retired from the business he pursued woodworking full-time. I continued to manage the company for many years. I always loved art, design, and music and finding ways to express creativity. 

I came to Gene’s woodshop (www.genekruegerfinefurniture.com) to help with some advertising and creative work. That’s where the idea of combining music, art and woodworking was born. We sketched out concepts of creating a new type of guitar stand that could leverage my passion for music and design with his expert craftsmanship. WoodSong Arts was born.

Our Story is about sharing talent, hard work, drive, but really of love.

We hope you find your inspiration as we have found ours.

Tom Krueger